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Leszek Godlewski

Hello! My name is Leszek and at 27 years old, I'm a super-enthusiastic programmer with a fair deal of experience in the game development industry as a software engineer, and a colourful background in game modding and open-source projects. I live, eat & breathe code.

Always on the lookout for challenges that test my creativity and skills, where well-engineered technical solutions build intense and memorable experiences. I take pride in professionalism and ability to cope with stress (not my favourite mobilizing factor, though!), while being easy-going and providing teammates with comic relief. ;)

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Engine Programmer

Starbreeze Studios
May 2017 – present

Empowering the rest of the team with the tech to build games.


  • TBA

Lead Programmer

Flying Wild Hog Cracow
Dec 2015 – May 2017

Herding the code hogs at the Kraków branch of the company. Engine/renderer programming on most days; mentoring and recruiting on others.


  • TBA

Engine Programmer

The Astronauts
Nov 2014 – Dec 2015

Adjusting, hacking and profiling the Unreal Engine 4 rendering pipeline to the needs and wants of our artists. Miscellaneous engine-side work as well.


  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (2015) for PS4/Win (Redux version)/VR

Porting Programmer

Nordic Games, Freelance
Sep 2013 – Nov 2014

At Nordic: One-man “internal tech team”, as company PR once dubbed me. Linux ports and other generalist programming.

Previously: A freelancer in the Linux porting business. Contracted by The Farm 51 and Nordic Games for different projects.


  • Darksiders port for Linux/Mac (Nordic Games)
  • Deadfall Adventures port for Linux (The Farm 51)
  • Painkiller Hell & Damnation port for Linux (The Farm 51)

Generalist Programmer

The Farm 51
Mar 2010 – Aug 2013

All-round programmer. Started in gameplay, then took on shaders, tech & middlewares; turned a critical bug squasher. Unreal Engine 3 used throughout.


  • Deadfall Adventures (2013) for Win/X360
  • Painkiller Hell & Damnation (2012) for Win/X360/PS3/Linux
  • Alien Fear (2010; cancelled) for Win/X360/PS3

Selected Skills

  • OpenGL/Direct3D 9-11 rendering
  • Shader programming
  • Core engine tech programming
  • Debugging
  • Gameplay programming
  • Platform programming
  • GNM rendering
  • Physically-based rendering
  • Character animation programming
  • Tool programming


Master of Computer Science

Silesian University of Technology
Feb 2013 – Sep 2014

Majoring in Interactive 3D Graphics. Thesis subject: Parallelization of Existing Game Logic Code (impl. 2 techniques in the Quake III codebase).

Bachelor of Computer Science

Silesian University of Technology
Oct 2009 – Jan 2013

Majoring in Computer Graphics and Software. Thesis subject: High-Performance Particle Effect System (modular, retargetable back-ends, sample back-end for JIT x86/64 assembly).


The Vanishing of Milliseconds

Optimizing the UE4 renderer for Ethan Carter VR
Blog post

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, with its rich visuals and a graphics workload somewhat uncommon for Unreal Engine 4, has been a difficult case for attaining VR perf targets. This is a story of scraping off frame render time, microsecond by microsecond.

Advanced Linux Game Programming

GDC Europe 2014

Ever since the advent of SteamOS, interest in game development for Linux has seen an increase. This lecture aims to address some more advanced issues encountered by programmers on this platform, beyond the very basic Linux setup, and drawing from over a year and two and a half games of experience in the subject. The areas discussed will be:

  • Executable build improvements
  • Crash handling and reporting
  • Memory debugging
  • OpenGL instrumentation and debugging
  • Various caveats, tips and tricks.

One year of porting

Post mortem of two Linux/SteamOS launches
Digital Dragons 2014

2013 was the year in which Linux finally got the attention of game developers; it was also the year in which my first two Linux/SteamOS ports were released. This talk will cover the learnings of one year of porting work from a programmer's point of view: DOs and DON'Ts and issues both expected and unexpected.

Cross-platform game engine development with SDL 2.0

WGK 2013

The SDL library (Simple DirectMedia Layer) - known as "the open source response to DirectX" - lets you forget about all the boilerplate in game development on platforms ranging from Windows, through Linux and Mac OS X, to iOS and Android. While still in active development, version 2.0 of SDL provides new and improved functionality, including touch input and force feedback support. It also ships with the Steam Linux Library. This lecture provides an overview of the library's capabilities and some useful tricks.

Linux as a gaming platform

Ideology aside
Digital Dragons 2013

Linux commonly connotes with open-source zealots and a small PC market share, not blockbuster video games. However, the arrival of Steam on the platform might change the outlook quite dramatically, and Linux support may soon become a must-have feature for your game. Setting the open-source ideology aside, this lecture is an overview of the technical challenges a game developer may face while porting their game to this platform, along with solutions.

An errata has been published on July 14, 2013.

Parallelization of Existing Game Logic Code

Master's thesis; In Polish only
19 Sep 2014

A study in parallelization of existing, legacy gameplay codebases. Quake III codebase used as a representative example.

High-performance modular particle effects engine

Bachelor thesis; In Polish only
21 Jan 2013

A modular, data-driven particle system with retargetable back-ends. Example back-end uses x86/x86-64 assembly relying on the SSE instructions to generate blazing-fast particle system emitter code. Thesis text in Polish.